The utilities sector includes the water, gas, electricity and telecommunications industries. These are major sectors of industry both in the UK and overseas. Industry knowledge and experience is paramount in order to provide effective contractual and commercial solutions that bring value for money whilst avoiding typical project problems.

MBM has worked on a variety of utilities and energy projects including the installation of electrical power cables, the upgrading of electrical substations, the construction of world leading gas storage facilities, the construction of new water treatment works, the auditing of contractors working on major utilities frameworks and the auditing of assets for a major water provider.

The deregulation and privatisation of these sectors over recent years has meant that operators and those working for them must continually look for ways to achieve efficiency and value for money. This requires the use of effective and contractually compliant commercial procedures, an area which MBM is ideally able to assist. Without effective case management the drive for efficiencies can potentially lead to problems situations in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome. MBM’s dispute avoidance techniques, commercial and contractual management, programming, claims preparation and dispute resolution services can be utilised to achieve this objective.

Project and construction consulting

Project and construction consulting, including but not limited to claims preparation, and planning & commercial management services. MBM Consulting have specialist experience in the NEC and UK building forms of contract. Most of the services provided are in the UK with recent assignments in Muscat, Oman, and Scandinavian countries.