Over recent years Britain’s infrastructure has seen considerable investment. The benefits of this investment can be seen in improvements to our road networks, railways and airports. As this investment will not continue at the same levels as before the pressure to deliver infrastructure projects in an efficient and cost effective manner will be even more paramount.

Clients are demanding and expect delivery of their projects in a manner that can clearly demonstrate that safety is paramount and that value for money has been obtained. MBMs commercial and contractual expertise is designed to be utilised in such rigorous and demanding circumstances. We are able to review projects to give senior management and independent peer review as to the status of their project. We are also able to assist the implantation of effective commercial procedures which can provide a better chance of avoiding disputes as well as preparing or defending claims submissions when such are necessary. Our programming and scheduling expertise also allows us to monitor progress and the impact of change on time and cost.

We have worked successfully with contractors, subcontractors and consultants in this sector including projects on M25, M4, Gatwick Airport, Goreston By Pass.

Project and construction consulting

Project and construction consulting, including but not limited to claims preparation, and planning & commercial management services. MBM Consulting have specialist experience in the NEC and UK building forms of contract. Most of the services provided are in the UK with recent assignments in Muscat, Oman, and Scandinavian countries.