MBM has worked on a wide variety of civil engineering projects, both in the UK and overseas, bringing its commercial and contractual expertise to benefit both contractor and client side organisations alike.

The extensive range of projects we have worked on includes roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, sewage pipelines, energy storage facilities, water treatment plants, waste recycling facilities and various other civils based projects. Our in depth contractual knowledge allows us to appreciate and implement effectively the provisions of the major forms of civils based contracts such as NEC , ICE and FIDIC. It is this expertise that has allowed us to make a valuable contribution to our clients by giving a significant return on their investment.

Our services focus on extension of time and money claim preparation (including prolongation, additional costs, acceleration, productivity), dispute resolution by way of negotiation, mediation, adjudication and arbitration, dispute avoidance procedures, independent project audits and commercial reviews, contractual and procurement advice, programming and scheduling, commercial management and contract and procurement advice.

MBM’s expertise has been deployed effectively on projects in the UK, Ireland and overseas.

Project and construction consulting

Project and construction consulting, including but not limited to claims preparation, and planning & commercial management services. MBM Consulting have specialist experience in the NEC and UK building forms of contract. Most of the services provided are in the UK with recent assignments in Muscat, Oman, and Scandinavian countries.