Technical Sheets

Tender Contract Programmes Technical Sheet

What are they? When a project is being tendered, a contractor (and typically, in turn, its subcontractors) are frequently required to produce a programme as part of its tender submission indicating the proposed timing, sequence and duration of its works. The programme...

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Extension of Time Claims Technical Sheet

What are they? Construction contracts typically have dates for commencement and completion. The contractor’s principal time obligation is to complete the works by the completion date. Similarly construction contracts typically have liquidated damages clauses. If the...

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Project Planning & Scheduling Technical Sheet

What is it? Project planning (or scheduling as it may often be referred to internationally) is a vital project management tool for the effective management of the works. Planning provides a means by which the scope of works is mapped out over the required period...

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Productivity Disruption Claims Technical Sheet

What are they? Productivity relates to the rate at which work is carried out. A contractor typically tenders for work on the basis of outputs it expects to achieve e.g. how much electrical cable can be pulled per hour or how much usage an excavator will have per hour...

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Project and construction consulting

Project and construction consulting, including but not limited to claims preparation, and planning & commercial management services. MBM Consulting have specialist experience in the NEC and UK building forms of contract. Most of the services provided are in the UK with recent assignments in Muscat, Oman, and Scandinavian countries.