About MBM Consulting

MBM Consulting Ltd has successfully delivered innovative solutions for many of the world’s leading companies in construction, civil engineering and other related industries. Our work includes projects such as railway lines, airports, underground stations, gas storage facilities, commercial buildings, residential developments, warehousing and data centres.

We seek to:

• Improve your project’s performance.
• Increase your project efficiency.
• Reduce potential for disputes.
• Increase your profitability.
• Improve poorly performing projects.
• Recover your entitlement.

We do this by:

• Getting to understand your business, your people, and your culture.
• Understanding your business and project objectives.
• Reviewing your commercial procedures and how you manage project finances.
• Reviewing known and potential project risks.
• Understanding the factors that cause specific situations to arise.

And, in so doing we can help you:

• Identify real or potential risk.
• Improve commercial procedures.
• Develop effective strategies to maximise return or minimise exposure.
• Reduce senior management and staff time in managing problem areas.
• Develop stronger project teams.
• Give confidence to senior management that issues are being dealt with effectively.

Our Track Record

Formed in 1999, we have been successfully delivering our solutions-based approach which has helped many of the world’s leading companies operating in construction, civil engineering, and other related industries. These include major contractors, client organisations, sub-contractors, consultancies, public bodies, developers, legal firms etc.

Our services have been used on projects such as railway lines, airports, underground stations, gas storage facilities, tunnels, motorways, bridges, commercial buildings and other major structures or projects.

Some of the most prestigious projects in the UK and overseas include:

• High Speed 1
• Jubilee Line Extension Project
• Dublin Port Tunnel
• Portullis House
• Scottish Parliamentary Building
• Forth Rail Bridge
• Citybanan, Stockholm
• Muscat Airport

Our Values

We want to be your long-term partners who can be trusted to help your business.

Our seven core values adhere to this objective:

Committed: we will do our utmost to achieve your objectives doing what is necessary to get the job done.
Honest: we will be honest and objective in our work and give honest appraisals of your situation and what is required to help.
Reliable: we will be a dependable partner, working to meet deadlines and doing what has been agreed.
Responsive: we will listen to your views and opinions and seek your feedback as to how we can improve our performance.
Proactive: we will strive to overcome challenges and give you solutions not problems.
Trustworthy: we will respect and care about your projects, your company, and your confidentiality.
Professional: we will act professionally in all our dealings with you.

Our Difference

MBM is all about problem solving; relieving clients of problems and making them more efficient, more productive and more profitable.

We identify problems, apply creative thinking and inspiration to develop effective processes whilst working together with our clients to develop successful solutions.

We work together with our clients, sharing risk and opportunity, to become a part of their organisation and a genuinely trusted advisor. From here we can make a positive contribution to their businesses, helping them identify areas of improvement and efficiency which can reduce risk, improve cash flow and increase profitability, whilst decreasing the potential for disputes.

Our difference is our approach. We are hands on, commercially minded and results focused. We look for ways in which we can improve your business and if we can’t we say so. We always strive to bring a positive return on your investment.

Our Clients

Our track record has been developed through over many years of successful trading. We have worked for many of the industry’s leading and most prestigious organisations; from main contractors and subcontractors, to employer organisations and consultancies.

Our expertise is not limited to big companies; it is available to all.

Please contact us for an informal discussion on the ways that we may be able to help.

Project and construction consulting

Project and construction consulting, including but not limited to claims preparation, planning, commercial management and project management services. MBM Consulting have specialist experience in the NEC and UK building forms of contract. Most of the services provided are in the UK with recent assignments in Muscat, Oman and Scandinavian countries.