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Jul 14, 2023 | MBM Consulting

Project Monitoring

Projects are a collection of tasks and actions that need to be completed to achieve a desired outcome. The journey can often be complex and for this reason, monitoring and control are essential activities to ensure that regular “health checks” are undertaken. This involves tracking project progress, comparing actual results against the planned targets, and identifying any deviations or issues including recommendations to remedy. Project teams can take corrective actions to keep the project on track, manage risks and ensure that quality standards are met. Those recommendations may sometimes escalate into proposed solutions on project recovery. We advise on how to retrieve, mitigate and improve distressed projects.

Time, cost and quality are key to project success. We carry out forensic “health checks” – to maintain understanding and control at every stage. A forensic audit culminates with a risk rating for the project, and recommendations.

Project monitoring and control ensure that performance is seamless, efficient and on track.

Project monitoring provides scrutiny and risk management for clients exposed to direct or third party development risk. It’s an essential governance discipline for anyone with an interest in a real estate development project that they don’t control directly themselves. Our clients are typically project funders, investors, JV partners, superior land owners or occupiers for whom real estate is being developed. However, they can also be solicitors who require a professional review or assessment of the current status of a project in the form of a project audit report.

Our project monitoring is tailor-made according to the client’s requirements but typically we:

• Provide an initial project audit report
• Provide regular, accurate project status information on design, material delivery, production, inspections, testing, packing and shipping, helping you make
informed decisions
• Help protect your investment and assure quality with constant project monitoring
• Ensure your project adheres to schedule and can be completed on time and within budget
• Detect possible problems quickly through early warnings with regular reporting, helping you foresee cost overruns and delays
• Evaluate possible technical solutions and make recommendations to keep the project on track

MBM is all about problem solving; relieving clients of problems and making them more efficient, more productive and more profitable.

We identify problems, apply creative thinking and inspiration to develop effective processes whilst working together with our clients to develop successful solutions.

We work together with our clients, sharing risk and opportunity, to become a part of their organisation and a genuinely trusted advisor. From here we can make a positive contribution to their businesses, helping them identify areas of improvement and efficiency which can reduce risk, improve cash flow and increase profitability, whilst decreasing the potential for disputes.

Our difference is our approach. We are hands on, commercially minded and results focused. We look for ways in which we can improve your business and if we can’t, we say so. We always strive to bring a positive return on your investment.

Welcome Greg Wright

Welcome Greg Wright

MBM would like to welcome Greg Wright to our London Project Management team. Wishing you all the best and great to have you on board!

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