The Final Countdown – Completion Programmes

May 9, 2023 | MBM Consulting

Completion Programmes
MBM discusses the key considerations & benefits of preparing an accurate and detailed completion programme.

What are they?
Often referred to as a “close-out” or “finishing programme”, but more commonly known as a completion programme; it is the contractor’s method on how it intends to complete the remainder of the project works.

This specific programme tends to be a more detailed and expanded version of the original planned programme or progress programme, outlining the finer details of the remaining works.

When to produce them
There isn’t a specific defining point in the project when it becomes necessary to produce a completion programme, but typically it is towards the latter part of the project where it would be beneficial reviewing what works are still outstanding and use it as a tool to refocus the team and drive the completion date of the project.

At this stage of the project; typically it might involve fit out works with an increase in the number of trades on site. Utilising a completion programme will help manage the works required from the sub-contractors and highlight any potential resource problems or logistical issues.

A completion programme can also provide confidence for higher management that the works are programmed to complete on time and demonstrates a proactive attitude from the project team.

Key Considerations
Keep in mind that there are some inherent considerations with regards to how you intend to use such a document. If the programme is solely for internal use as a progress measuring tool so that both management and the project team are aware of the current project progress, then it shouldn’t pose any problems for you.

However, if you’re planning on using this programme for external use, be that as required under the contract or not, and plan to issue it to the client team then keep a few things at the forefront of your mind.

A poorly considered completion programme can actually have a detrimental effect on any potential extension of time entitlement. If your completion programme shows mitigated completion dates then this may have a bearing on the assessment of pending delay entitlement. If the contract permits it may also result in the reviewing of extensions of time previously granted taking into considering the dates and information shown on the completion programme.

It should be remembered that a programme issued to external parties is a contemporaneous record that is then available in any subsequent review and analysis of delays.

Too often completion programmes are over optimistic and fail to consider the true impact of what has gone before.

I recommend that if you are going to produce a completion programme give due consideration of the purpose of the document as well as ensuring that the completion dates are fully understood.

Remember; a completion programme is intended to help you drive critical works and displays to both higher management and / or the client how you plan to complete the works, within the existing contractual timescales as efficiently and productively as possible.

Should you require any assistance with the preparation of your completion programmes, MBM has a team of planners experienced in the use of the main forms of software with industry knowledge and experience across many sectors and forms of contract, so please do get in touch.

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