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MBM brings experience, commercial and contractual acumen and a successful track record in principally adjudication but also arbitration proceedings.

Whilst no one sets out to be adversarial, disputes arise from time to time and when they do you need to be able to protect your position. Selecting the right team to either prepare and present your case or defend your position can be vital to the success or otherwise of the dispute. MBM is highly experienced with a strong track record when acting on behalf of clients in dispute proceedings. We understand the level of documentation and procedures required in order to be successful. MBM has extensive experience in:

Pruple Icon Preparing adjudication referrals

Pruple Icon Acting on behalf of clients in adjudication proceedings

Pruple Icon Party representation when defending claims in adjudication proceedings

Pruple Icon Provision of expert opinion and reports

Pruple Icon Acting as expert witness

Pruple Icon Preparation of arbitration pleadings and statement of case for claimant and respondent

Pruple Icon Preparation of position statement for mediation and party representation

Pruple Icon Preparation of pre-action prospectus reports

Case Study

Case StudyMBM initially prepared an extension of time before drafting a referral and administering the adjudication process on behalf of a main contractor. The adjudicator awarded the main contractor a full extension of time.

Key Contact
Michael Mulvey

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